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This book has inspired hundreds of thousands of people across the world.  It has been called a "must read" by many parents and educators.  It's about making smart choices and getting students to believe in themselves, think bigger than themselves, take responsibility for their own actions and futures, and make a big impact!

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Note:  Most books are sold in bulk and directly to educators for their schools or to event coordinators for their events.  

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College would be easy if school didn’t get in the way. For mot people college is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, but I doesn’t have to be. My first semester, I was just killing myself with my studies and still ended up with a 1.75 GPA! Something had to change, and then it did! I realized that even though I was studying long and hard, I was studying wrong! But then I learned how to do it RIGHT, and it change my life. I began to study way less than I had been, but making way better grades. I never made less than a 3.5 in any class ever again! Inside this book are all the tips and tricks that ANYONE can learn to achieve the same results. 


* How to get more done in less time

* How to memorize anything quickly

* A much simpler, easy-to-remember way to take notes

* How to break down a syllabus to deliver exactly what your teacher wants

* How to read at least 5 times faster and retain 5 times more!


And much more!

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